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As a self-employed individual, you have the flexibility to work independently, offering your professional services and skills to clients in a European country.

Independent professional / Freelancer

If you are an independent worker in your country and want to continue doing the same in Portugal, here are a few steps to get the necessary documents from the finance department in order to declare income and pay taxes in Portugal as a freelancer.

Documents required

  • NIF (Portuguese tax number)
  • Portuguese address this can be obtained by going to junta de freguesia if you don't have a rental agreement
  • Portuguese Bank account
  • Local representative

Benefits of freelancer

  • Exempted from social contribution for first year
  • Exempted from IVA upto 12,500eur sales/services for the 1st year.
  • Social contribution is only 21.4% of 70% of the total income declared.
  • Will enhance your IRS which will help you with credit score.
  • All your expenses count when you declare it with finances.
Once you have your freelance activity you need to start invoicing your client. We highly recommend you do it from your own Finance Portal.

Here are the steps on
how you can invoice your clients


Go to the Finanças Access page and enter your NIF and password;


Click on "Todos os Serviços" (All Services);


Click on "Recibos Verdes" (Green Receipts) and click "Emitir" (Issue);


Click on "Fatura-Recibo" (the common invoice known as a "Recibo Verde")


Choose the activity you provided.


Insert the NIF of the client and address, in case if the client is not in Portugal select the country first.


Briefly describe the service in the "Descição" box;


Insert the value in "Valor Base";


Select the VAT regiment (Exempt or Normal, depending on your case) under "Regime de IVA";


Apply by clicking the blue "Emitir" button and print the document, sign it and send it to your client.

NOTE If your annual income exceeds more than €200,000 you are obligated to hire an accountant.
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