NHR Program

The program allows individuals to benefit from tax advantages by relocating to a European country and enjoying favorable tax treatment on certain types of income.

Non Habitual Residents

The NHR program in Portugal is a tax regime that offers foreign investors reduced tax rates and an exemption on some taxes. This program has attracted a lot of expats to Portugal and has been proven successful with more than thousands of non habitual residents in Portugal.

Some of the benefits of
applying for this program:

  • Special individual tax treatment on income for 10years
  • Tax exemption on foreign sources of income.
  • No wealth tax
  • Free cash remittance to Portugal.

Who can apply for this program?

Anyone who is above 18 years of age who fulfils the following conditions can request the registration as a non habitual resident.

You should not have been a Portuguese tax resident in the preceding five years.

To be considered resident, for tax purposes, in the Portuguese territory according
to any of the following criteria:
  • To have remained in the territory for more than 183 days, consecutive or with
    interruptions, in any 12-month period beginning or ending in the year in question;
  • If the remaining period is inferior, to have a house in such conditions that
    it is clear that the person has the intention to maintain and occupy it as an
    habitual residence, on any day of the period referred to in the paragraph above;
  • To be a member of a ship’s crew or of an aircraft, on December 31, provided
    that the employers are entities with residence, headquarters or effective
    domicile in the Portuguese territory;
  • To carry out, abroad, functions or commissions of public nature, serving the
    Portuguese State


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How to apply for NHR in Portugal?


Residency Proof

Citizens of EU/EEA/Switzerland can register without a visa, all they need to do is get an appointment with the city council and obtain their EU certificate.

For Non EU citizens they must first receive a residence permit which can be obtained through different programs. However the most popular ones seem to be the D7 and Golden visa. They are not just your only way to Portugal, for details to find out different ways to settle in Portugal you can book in a consultation with us.

Registration as a tax resident in Portugal

In simple language obtaining your NIF from the finanças and registering a local address with finanças. This is a must no matter what you want to do in Portugal you need this number.

Application for NHR

After obtaining your NIF you need to register it online to access your finanças. After online registration you are able to submit the NHR application on Portal das Finanças, on the following
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